One micron for copper, one giant leap for mankind.


Better antimicrobial surface, saves lives with every micron.


We have a goal to create a copper coating that reduces bacteria on its surface to combat the spread of infections, yet making it easy to apply so you won’t need special equipment or a heavy upfront capital cost. A visual and functional coating that helps people live healthier and save lives, without cumbersome procedures ever getting in your way.

So easy to apply, delicately produced.
So you won’t have to do the hard work.

To create the effective micronCopper paint, we started by rethinking how copper particles are made, reshuffling the order of how materials work at the molecular level. We produced smaller particles measured in less than a few microns, (the width of a human hair is about 75 microns) giving micronCopper flexibility in the paint formulation as well as higher surface area for contact with the pathogens. We also cleverly improved wear-resistance while using copper particles with more than 99% purity so that they could do the best job at killing germs.

micronCopper is designed for everything that exposes to contamination.


micronCopper is built for adhering to stainless steel, plastics and wood, designed to coat as retrofitting or on newly made products. There are hundreds of different items in the healthcare environment all in different shapes made with different materials that are exposed to contamination. You can use micronCopper with clipboards, crutches, window blinds, bed rails, handles, and all the other peripherals and accessories. You can either coat them on-site at your premises, or coat on new products at the point of manufacture right from the start.

About us.

Companies who manufacture a diverse range of hospital products have asked Sansible for copper coatings to add values to their offerings. Whether it’s on a frequently touched surface, a small utility fixture where bacteria can dwell, or furniture frames that sit right next to the patients everyday, micronCopper has the features and integrations that will suit your product differentiation needs.

Sansible started from being a Finalist in the Converge Challenge, Scotland’s biggest business competition based on Universities’ technologies in 2012. We’ve learnt a lot about the resilience of bacteria especially in a hospital environment having traumatic effects on people, and even death. So we turned to our natural resources to build something necessary. Life may only move forward if we could tackle the rise of infections.
How did a Founder with a PhD in electrical engineering make a difference in saving lives? We transferred the deep knowledge and state-of-the-art techniques in electronic circuits manufacturing to make copper surfaces to do a job that is biological at the cell level.
We’re working with the chemistry of copper molecules and made technologies converge to solve a societal challenge. This to us, is completely sensible. To make the world a better place with us, we are supported financially by Scottish Enterprise through a Fellowship at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, for which Sansible is immensely grateful.

Penicillin for a long time after its discovery in 1928, was extracted from fungus mould and it’s too hard to have enough quantity, not lasting long enough for practical use. Upon World War II, process engineers worked with the Scottish biologist Alexander Fleming to race against the clock while the wounded soldiers were dying from infections. With their passion and love, they made the impossible possible and gave us the antibiotics as we know today.
Copper has been too expensive to produce and use in healthcare. Sansible will change all that. We are building a team who have the passion and love to scale with increasing production and business development. To help as many people as possible. Want to be part of it? Contact us.

We love our hometown. Edinburgh and Scotland is a brewing ground for talents with creative thinking. Alexander Fleming have taught us how man should fight against the bacteria that kill us. We cannot be in a place more apt to what we do. We believe in advancing the projects on infectious diseases and healthcare acquired infections here.


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