We all think we're training harder, getting stronger, hitting harder on the field, but we don't actually know, do we? We combine the power of wearable technology and rugby for the masses. Now you will know that you're getting better, and delivering those hits that will put the other team on their back.
Clearing out the rucks, gaining those meters, scoring more tries. You get better understandings of the game play with statistics provided by your LiveSkin. So you can train not only harder but also smarter!
Our mission is to turn your imagination into action, and let our younger generations achieve their unlimited potential.

The force awakens, now you can know the amount of force sustained and exerted by your muscle groups seamlessly. Everything is presented to you in the easiest way in an app on your phone or iPad after a game. Training and injuries recovery become measurable and easier to comprehend.

Live Skin Wearable Technology
Live Skin Apple Watch UI


Your sports kits come alive.

LiveSkin is your intelligent companion that lets you monitor the force, track your statistics across high energy cost events, and recognise abnormal patterns.

Using scientifically proven direct measurements of force loads sustained by your muscle groups, such as the shoulders. Information such as the rate of force development and fatigue becomes trackable in a game as well as training drills. Only LiveSkin can provide you with details at this unprecedented level.

You can view your metrics quickly at a glance on your app. Easy comparisons with your history is only one click away from the front panel.

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Data scientist in your pocket.

LIVE SKIN not only has the ability to feel, LIVE SKIN can think and answer your questions too.

Is my shoulder back to normal yet?

LIVE SKIN can show you how you performed from your historical statistics. It really is the easiest way to gain confidence about your body's status, make sense of your data and save you time. Piles of graphs are a thing of the past. Metric relationships, we have got it covered in a way never been done before.

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