We all think we're training better, getting stronger, pushing our bodies harder, but we don't actually know, do we? With the world's best wearable force-sensing system, LiveSkin, now you can know whether you're going beyond your limit or getting fatigue. If you're into competitive contact sports, you will know when you deliver those hits that will put the opponents on their back.
Our mission is to turn your imagination into action, enable you to achieve your unlimited potential.
LiveSkin lets you train smarter!

Live Skin Wearable Technology

LiveSkin. Accurate. Washable.

LiveSkin lives inside your sport kits or work gear as your intelligent companion. In order to create the most comfortable and wearable force sensing device on your body, we designed delicate layers of materials into the garment itself. Accurate force readings that work with the compressive behaviour of your muscles are validated using sport science methods.
You get early warning of the onset of muscle injuries from overuse and fatigue. Your data is analysed and presented to you with the useful bits only without the data cluttering. LiveSkin becomes more intelligent over time. It becomes part of you, thinks with you, and helps you win.
Metrics are customisable in the LiveSkin app. Feedbacks on your performance are all at your fingertips.
We've also made LiveSkin washable, ideal for high intensity training.

Live Skin Apple Watch UI

The force awakens.

Your body experience of forces comes alive with LiveSkin. Awakening the beast in rugby is just the beginning, LiveSkin can help improve many other Olympic sports and beyond.

Live Skin Wearable Technology

LiveSkin with 3D Force.

Force is a 3D experience. LiveSkin can tell you the true magnitudes of impacts on the different locations of your body.

LiveSkin does not only have the ability to feel, your LiveSkin can think and answer your questions too, show you how you performed from your statistics. It really is the easiest way to gain confidence about your body's status, make sense of your data and save you time. Piles of graphs are a thing of the past.

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